(It's Tax Deductible)

  • Written tax record keeping system​​
  • Easily tracks business income, expenses, receipts, mileage, & profitability with audit-proof records

  • 12 receipt envelopes for "Vehicle Mileage & Expense Record"

  • 12 receipt envelopes for "Business Income & Expense Report" 

  • 20-column "Annual Business Summary of Income & Expense"

  I highly recommend Tax MiniMi$er to all of my thousands of small and home-based business tax students across       America! They all became entrepreneurs to make money. Tax MiniMiser helps them keep more of it! They’re no         longer losing business receipts and thousands of dollars in tax deductions every year. This makes record keeping     easy! It would actually cost them time and money not to use this simple system!
   Dr. Ron Mueller, MBA, PhD, Author:
  "Home Business Tax Savings MADE EASY!"


Income Tax Preparation Experts

Your tax professional, or tax softwart, can only be as good as the records you keep. Tax MiniMiser make it easy to daily track all of your business income, expenses, receipts, mileage, & profitability...with audit-proof written records.

The Tax MiniMiser recommends the following income tax preparation experts who specialize in small home business tax law:

Tax MiniMi$er Price $39.95

  Looking for an easy and affordable way to end all your book keeping and record keeping frustrations? Then get         the Tax MiniMiser today! It is by far the most user-friendly book keeping system on the planet. I recommend it to     any and every small business owner or self-employed person who is sick and tired of fighting the IRS-mandated         paperwork battle. It will help you sleep better at night because once you start using the Tax MiniMiser to                     organize your tax records, you'll  no longer have any fear of what might happened to you if you get audited. You'll   re ready, willing,  and able to prove every deduction. With the Tax MiniMiser in hand, you will audit-proof your tax   return forever. Good-bye shoe box, hello Tax MiniMiser!

  Wayne M. Davis  Fort Wayne, IN


Tax MiniMiser: Easy Tax Record Keeping System

Know the Rules of Income Tax Preparation

  The Tax Mini$er is, by far, the best of all the manual record systems I've seen in my 40 years of helping small and       home-based clients in all 50 states. It is easy to use in effectively helping myclients bring me excellent records so       that I can do my best job for them. And when i represend clients in tax audits, these accurate records will help           make them completely IRS compliant. 

  Mr. Tom Buck, CPA


  For years I've been telling all my tax clients and readers around the world that the IRS and the Tax Court require       you to keep good records & receipts. Now, Finally, you don't have to go out and create your own system-just use       this one! In fact, I like it so much that I decided to write an ebook called
  "The 100% Home-Based Tax Solution", on how to best use the Tax MiniMiser!

  TaxMama™ Eva Rosenberg, EA, MBA

  For years our customers in the US and Canada have been successfully using the Tax MiniMiser for home business     tax record keeping. It compliments our audio tax training program remarkably well.

  This portable, uniquely simple, tax record keeping system was designed specifically with the home-based business   entrepreneur in mind -form the part-timer to the full-time self-employed entrepreneur.

  The biggest pain of doing taxes is gathering and organizing the necessary information! Tax MiniMiser has                     eliminated the need of having to create your own record keeping system. Because of the information,                           convenience and simplicity this system provides, its true value is found in the time and money it will save you           each year. 

  What is your time worth to you?

  How many write-offs do you lose each year due to poor record keeping?

Knowing the rules of income tax preparation is critical to having an audit-proof system of doing your personal or business taxes. The Tax MiniMiser provides you with the best tools to keep track of all expenses for your income tax preparation.

The Tax MiniMi$er also provides you with knowledge of tax laws to help you make the best decisions possible. The Tax MiniMi$er has consulted with income tax preparation experts to provide you with the best knowledge of tax rules available.