Summary of Services & Oppurtunities

Entrepreneur Network USA provides business and tax products, and related services to Entrepreneurs throughout the USA, as well as, around the globe.

Entrepreneur Network USA, LLC (ENUSA) sells financial products, i.e., tax products, recording systems, accounting systems, discounted travel, etc., that are usable by consumers globally. Our Target Market is over 2 billion entrepreneurs worldwide. 

We have created a way for consumers to make money in a two-level referral program, and to save money by purchasing our products and tax savings products at low prices.

We are launching the sale of a ENUSA Membership for $24.95 each to consumers worldwide.

We expect to sell 1 million memberships over the next 6 months for a total of approximately $20 million in revenue.  And, that is only the beginning.  We believe that the network will grow to 50 million over time.

Entrepreneur Network USA, LLC, (aka:
offers the easiest-to-use small-business tax recordkeeping
tools and services, for America’s 28,000,000 small & home-based 
business entrepreneurs!

ENUSA has also created a simple yet powerful affiliate program to
help every entrepreneur save more money and make more money, 
month after month, year after year! 

We are soon launching enrollments for ENUSA Memberships
at a one-time annual payment of only $24.95. One of your first 
benefits will be deeply discounted business travel!  We believe 
hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of fellow entrepreneurs 
will soon be joining the national ENUSA team!

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