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- Business Financial Tracking System



Tax MiniMi$er  $39.95 + S&H

Sample Pack of (10) $49.95 + S&H

Audio Course $197.00

Money Physician's:

​   -Debt Elimination Package- For ONLY $9.95

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This tax savings course teaches you how to save the most money on your taxes, for your small business or home-based business. Everything you Need (and nothing you don’t need) for quickly Understanding and Using the BIGGEST of the SPECIAL TAX DEDUCTIONS Congress Approved SPECIFICALLY for Home-Based Business Owners.     

Discover how to get the most deductions

With just a few of the deductions and tax savings you'll discover in the Tax Knowledge IS Tax Power program, you could easily save up to $20,000 in legitimate savings in your business. Discover what deductions you're missing and how much money you're leaving on the table.

Monthly     $14.95

Annually    $119.40

​​A written, CUSTOMIZED HRA PLAN Document that is compliant with all Federal and State laws.  (A typical law firm would charge about $1,500-$2,000 to produce this same document).

An EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT that proves a ‘bona fide employer-employee arrangenent exists. 

An administrative service will: handle all REMBU for you; they keep bullet-proof DOCUMENTATION for you; keep up with GOVERNMENT CHANGES in compliance requirements so you don’t have to.  They even provide LIVE Customer Service year-round on an unlimited basis.  Finally, the administrative service will perform a DETAILED YEAR-END REVIEW to insure you have bullet-proof records that will allow you to claim the maximum amount of deductions you are entitled to, with no fear of an audit.  If you ever are audited and your HRA Plan is called into question, an assigned tax lawyer will handle it FOR YOU (at no cost to you) – and they’ll stick with it all the way through Appeals and Tax Court, if necessary (Note: they have never lost a case!).

If You Have IRS Problems, Let our Experts Help you Resolve them.

​Audit-Defense Business Plan

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​   -Real Estate Investing Course- For ONLY $19.95

-The ONLY WAY to write-off ALL health expenses for the ENTIRE FAMILY.

Employee Benefit Plan

This is the companion 'textbook' for your self-paced Audio Course. This bestseller is authored by the #1 expert in home-business tax law, Dr. Ron Mueller,  whose writing style makes tax deductions easy to learn about, and equally easy to use.  REVIEWED BY THE IRS – NO CHANGES REQUESTED! This is THE authoritative guide to ALL of the biggest tax deductions Congress has approved for small business owners. Also cites source for each of each tax deduction revealed in your Audio Course

Tax Knowledge IS Tax Power Program- Audio Course

​Tax MiniMi$er

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Printed Book: $47.95 + S&H


Downloadable e-book $32.95

Real Estate Coaching

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-Prove your "Profit Intent" in the event of an Audit. 

TaxPal- Electronic Recordkeeping 

The Tax MinMi$er™ fits neatly into a day planner or a binder, making it easy and convenient to record your income, expenses and activities as they occur. 12 Monthly inserts (with built-in receipt pockets) fold-out to reveal a spreadsheet type layout with headings that will prompt you to record all the data required by the IRS to document your tax deductions. Another 12 monthly inserts become your Vehicle-Use log, also with built-in receipt envelopes.

Health Re-imbursement Arrangement (HRA)

Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy!

Your personalized AUDIT-DEFENSE BUSINESS PLAN will include language that directly answers all nine of the “challenge questions” IRS agents are told to ask when auditing tax returns of any home-based business owner. Your customized Plan may include, if desired, your company logo, at no additional cost. 

The 3-YEAR FINANCIALS section of your Audit-Defense Business Plan will cover (a) all actual income and expenses for the prior year, (b) actual YTD  (year-to-date) income/expenses for this year, plus projections for the remainder of this tax-year, and (c) projections of income/expenses for the next tax-year

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